Multi-Domain Decision Superiority:
ISR Today and Tomorrow

As one of the world's most prestigious strategic defense intelligence forums, the 4th annual ISR & C2 Battle Management U.S. conference will once again gather attendees from across the intelligence and military communities for a unique learning experience. Hosted one year after the election of President Donald J Trump, November 2017 will be a timely opportunity for members of the new U.S. administration to share their strategic vision for ISR and C2 with their friends and allies, as well as to hear from their Five Eyes partners as we look ahead to counter future threats in a multi-national, multi-domain environment.

This year's ISR & C2 Battle Management US conference will thus address the critical issues facing commanders across the full spectrum of battlespace domains (space, cyber, electromagnetic, air, land and sea) and consider the technological, cultural and conceptual uncertainties we face in both contemporary and future battlespace confrontations.

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