Multi-Domain Decision Superiority: ISR Today and Tomorrow

Introducing the 2017 Conference Chairmen

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Our ability to maintain tactical, operational and strategic advantage over asymmetric and near-peer adversaries will require agile and robust systems of intelligence flow that can be shared and responded to in real-time across multiple platforms and within both physical and non-physical domains. The ISR enterprise must continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies and hybrid warfare environments and tactics to ensure that we are ready to succeed today and be prepared for tomorrow.

This year's ISR & C2 Battle Management US conference will thus address the critical issues facing commanders across the full spectrum of battlespace domains (space, cyber, electromagnetic, air, land and sea) and consider the technological, cultural and conceptual uncertainties we face in both contemporary and future battlespace confrontations.

As one of the world's most presitigious Five Eyes strategic forums, the 4th annual conference will once again gather attendees from across the intelligence alliance for a unique learning experience. Hosted one year after the election of President Trump, November 2017 will be a timely opportunity for members of the new U.S. administration to share their strategic vision for ISR and C2 with their friends and allies, as well as to hear from their Five Eyes partners as we look ahead to counter future threats in a multi-national, multi-domain environment.

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The 2017 Programme Concept:

Conference Day One

ISR in Non-Physical Domains
Chair: Lt Gen Ron Burgess, Former Director, DIA
Understand how we can take utilitise cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum to achieve full spectrum C2 advantage and discuss how commanders can overcome the challenges and uncertainties inherent in abstract operational realms

Conference Day Two
ISR and C2 Today
Chair: Lt Gen Bob Otto, Former Director ISR, USAF
Get unique insight into current and upcoming procurement programmes for Air, Land, Sea and Space, and how these capabilities will form part of a broader ISR and C2 strategic roadmap

Conference Day Three
Future ISR and C2
Chair: Lt Gen Dave Deptula, Former Director ISR, USAF HQ
Hear from the innovators in military and industry who are developing technologies and concepts that will inform future ISR and C2 operations - from the Combat Cloud to multi-sensor fusion


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