Shaping the Multi-Domain Imperative from Concept to Capability

The ISR & C2 Battle Management U.S symposium has built a reputation as a vital strategic forum for the Five Eyes partners, welcoming over 150 senior decision-makers from across the Army, Air Force, Navy and Joint Staff to debate and discuss major procurement programs, reflect on the operational challenges faced today within the C2ISR enterprise, and look ahead to the technological and geostrategic transformations we will face tomorrow.

The ISR community is going through a significant doctrinal transformation, with the multi-domain concept radiating through government and industry lexicon. Translating this concept into capability so that the U.S. and its allies retain their asymmetric advantage presents myriad challenges and opportunities for decision-makers, in an era where acquisition processes must adapt and innovate at the ‘speed of relevance’.

Upon release of the 2018 National Defense Strategy, Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that ‘our competitive advantage has eroded in every domain of warfare’ (2018). This acknowledgement of our need to sustain advantage across multiple domains is at the core of this year’s ISR & C2 Battle Management conference, where we will advance the dialogue on multi-domain ISR and C2 within the U.S. intelligence community and across the Five Eyes partnership.


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